Our wide ranging consultancy service provides professional advice to organisations in the private and community sectors across Ireland and India. Our mission is to help you to grow faster and work smarter. So by listening to you we can help you to respond to changing market conditions by applying key management and technical skills: helping you to stay one step ahead.

Our partnership approach helps us to build trust and develop a close working relationship with you so that over time we can help you to improve the way you operate, reduce costs, manage risks and grow. Our aim is to become an integral part of your business to provide vital support and guidance, building on our traditional accountancy services.

Fund Raising

We help growing businesses that are seeking additional finance and smaller businesses, to identify finance needs, sources of finance and guide them through the registration process.

Business Development

We are dedicated to helping you grow and can help you with:
  1. Business development plans
  2. Business system reviews
  3. Product costing assignments
  4. Profitability reviews
  5. Business/partnership structure advice
  6. Profit sharing schemes
  7. Resolution of partnership/share disputes
  8. Accounting software advice


Without timely and accurate data on hand, a business may crash and burn even less than a year after it gets out of the starting gate. Online accounting services for start­ups ensure that crucial data is updated and available anytime, anywhere, in order to help you generate useful reports, monitor your cashflow, gauge your performance, and set realistic budgets and targets.

Tax Efficient Business Structuring

To avoid tax problems in the long run, startups need to determine the best structure for their business right from the get­go. We can review your present structure, make recommendations about the right set­up for your current circumstances and future plans to ensure minimisation of your tax obligations.

Cashflow and Forecasting/Budgeting

To stay afloat, you need to ensure that your startup business is generating enough money to pay employees and suppliers, in addition to meeting your regular payment obligations. Thus, budgeting is vital in allowing your startup to not only stay alive but also grow consistently. Ensure that your growing company has funds to pay expenses and employees as you grow by contacting us.

We offer assistance in managing your cashflow and budgets to check the profitability of your business, as well as determining your cashflow peaks and troughs. With these reports, you can identify key focus areas for your business and implement strategies to ensure cash flow pitfalls are avoided.

Quarterly Management Reports and Quarterly Strategy Meetings

It is never a good idea in business to wander around aimlessly, with neither knowledge of performance history nor defined targets and solutions for existing problems. Our quarterly management reports and quarterly strategy meetings will give you a clearer picture as to where your company is headed financially. It’s perfect for start­ups because quarterly reports and meetings help you to keep on track with sufficient regularity but saving money on monthly reports Learn where you went wrong and where you can improve right away by paying attention to your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Our experts are also ready to give you advice for improving your performance, managing your costs to steer your start up towards entrepreneurial success.

Compliance Services

Because startup entrepreneurs tend to take a hands­on approach to things and often do not have an accountant, missing tax deadlines becomes an unfortunately easy pitfall. Our compliance services will make sure your business is up­to­date so penalties are avoided, ensuring that your money is saved and your investments won’t go to waste. We offer standard compliance services in accordance with Tax Office regulations and deadlines, such as:

  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Company registered office services
  • Payroll Tax Returns
  • VAT Returns

Management Accounting

TASC Accountants are not care of the size or sector of your business, success is based on having the right information at the right time. Management information is one of the most essential tools in directing and growing your business.We provide your management team with timely information.Our information is highly relevant, focusing on the key performance indicators.

TASC’s Management accounting services include:
  • Profit & Loss statements
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow
  • Age debtor analysis with identification of provision for bad debt
  • Age creditor analysis
  • Information about outstanding taxes due (CT, VAT, RCT, PSWT, PAYE/PRSI)