Housing Assistance Payment-HAP Ireland: All You Need To Know

What is Housing Assistance Payment?

In simpler terms, this is a social housing support scheme focused on people who are in need of long-term housing in Ireland. From a future perspective, this scheme is about to replace the ongoing long-term rent supplement.

How does this work?

Local authorities are authorized to administer this scheme. The condition is that the rent being charged for the accommodation must be within the limits for the household type in that local authority’s area. Based on their income and ability to pay, tenants are supposed to pay a weekly HAP rent contribution to the local authority. It is also possible to take full-time employment and keep your housing support under this scheme.

Eligibility to get the HAP payment?

To qualify for social housing support, you have to be on the local authorities’ housing list. Considering the circumstances, you may be asked to transfer from Rent Supplement to HAP. But please note that you cannot transfer from any other form of social housing to HAP.

What are the HAP rent limits?

The HAP rent limits entirely depend on your household size and the locality you live. Even though, there is a flexibility of up to 20% where a household cannot find suitable accommodation within the limits.

Also note that if you have more than four children, then you have to contact your local authority area to check your HAP limits.

How can I end a HAP tenancy?

In order to initiate the process, you have to stay in your HAP accommodation for a period of at least 2 years. But in some other situations like getting a job in another town or if your family grows too large for the property, then you may be able to apply for a new HAP payment elsewhere. 

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