Does Being a Limited Company Means I'll Pay Less Tax?

The most crucial step in creating a Limited Company in Ireland if you want to start your own business is to take your tax obligations into account. Given the tax restrictions, choosing between a Sole Trader and a Limited Company can be difficult at first. Because a sole proprietor does not get a salary, all of their earnings are taxed at the same rate. Since everything a self-employed individual makes is effectively their income, Irish income tax rates apply to it. As a sole proprietor, you may be required to pay up to 52% of your total earnings in taxes.

However, a director of a corporation in Ireland is permitted to receive a salary or dividend as a business expense, which is subtracted from the firm’s profits. This means that if you create a Limited Company, business owners who earn more than they need to survive will often pay less tax.

Let’s dive into the details.

A firm with Irish registration may be able to reimburse employees and directors for business expenditures on a tax-free basis. Any company workers or directors who travel for work can be provided with tax-free travel reimbursements. The amount of time that is tax-free depends on how much time was spent away from the usual location of employment.

Additionally, depending on the distance traveled, a corporation may be required to pay a specific portion of the cost for each business trip made in a private vehicle. Contributing to a pension for a director or employee might also be tax advantageous for a limited company. This can be a tiny self-administered pension or an executive pension (SSAP). The restrictions that apply to personal pension contributions do not apply to these pension contributions.

They can therefore be a very effective tax planning instrument for your employees’ and directors’ longer-term interests. Employer contributions to pension plans can result in tax benefits for both the company and its directors.

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