Company Formation in Ireland: Complete Checklist of Documents Required

Starting your own dream company is one of the most self-satisfying dreams that you can go on perusing. It may seem hard initially, but if you have the perseverance and willpower to grab what is for you, then you have a great chance of succeeding by starting your own venture on Irish soil.
Here’s offering a little light to that dream. This article will walk you through the necessary set of documents and details that you need to have in order to register a new company in Ireland. This list of documents may vary in some specific cases. Apart from that, this is the list that you can completely trust for chasing your dream.

Let’s explore the list of documents and details here:-

  • Proposed name of the company, at least three (If the CRO rejects the primary options)
  • Address proof of your proposed registered office
  • Details of the occupation of all the Directors
  • Address proof of all the Directors
  • Passport of all the Directors
  • Email addresses of all the Directors
  • Email address of the Company Secretary
  • Address proof of the Company Secretary
  • The contact number of all the Directors
  • The contact number of the Company Secretary
  • Details of other dictatorships by the Directors, if any
  • Signed for of constitution document
  • Signed declaration document
  • Shares split up details
  • Copy of PPS for RBO registration.

There are still some other minor details required. But those can be taken from the so-called documents. So, as far as concerned, if you can come up with the so-called details, you are all almost ready to register your dream company in Ireland.